Printed Labels

Printed labels frequently use in garments, apparels, but it can also use in accessories, footwear, furniture, and other products.
Materials: satin, cotton, TPU, and much more.
Printed Satin labels are very soft with a shiny finish. They are ideal for baby items, children’s clothing, swimwear, lingerie, or any delicate item that needs a soft label.
Cotton labels are a great choice for your items that are made of cotton, such as t-shirts or denim. Cotton labels finish off your clothing by giving them a vintage look.
TPU clothing labels are a great addition to your products. These labels are transparent, resistant to high temperatures and oily substances, and are durable but with a soft feel.

All of BP printed labels use flexographic ink which does not wash off or fade after only a few uses.

Size labels cotton material black letter center fold XS from XXL are in stock

Cotton, black letter, screen printing, centre fold, XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL in stock

Clothing labels screen printing white satin center fold

White satin, silk screen printing three colors logo, custom size, center fold

Cotton printed labels silk screen printing black logo end fold

Cotton, black logo, 2x5cm, or custom size cotton printed labels,screen printing, end fold

 Printed care label white satin custom logo straight cut

White satin,black,blue printing, screen printing,custom size, straight cut

Printed cotton label blue logo custom center fold

Printed Label: Cotton, Blue Logo, Center Fold, Customized Design,Durable

Printed clothing labels custom printed satin clothing labels

Printed clothing labels: Yellow Satin, White Logo, Customized Logo, End Fold, Main Label, Neck Label