List of Ten Basic Printing Post Process

For people in the printing industry, the term post-printing is familiar. It refers to the post-printing work. Generally, it refers to the post-processing of printed matter including glue (laminating), UV, varnishing, die-cutting, gold stamping, and punching. Embossing, mounting, binding, cutting, etc., are mostly used for publicity and packaging printed matter. The ten basic post-printing processes are listed below, in no particular order, for your preliminary understanding and understanding.

Printing process NO.1, gold stamping

The scientific name is hot press transfer printing, or hot transfer printing for short, commonly known as bronzing and silver bronzing. In contrast, there is also a cold pad printing.

Printing process NO.2, UV

It is ultraviolet glazing, and UV is abbreviation, which means that the ink can be dried and cured by ultraviolet radiation. UV is usually a silk screen printing process, and now there is also offset printing UV.

Printing process NO.3, bumping and embossing

The scientific name is imprinting. It is a process of forming patterns by local changes in the substrate by pressure. After the metal plate is corroded, it becomes a pressing plate and a base plate for pressing. Divided into two kinds of cheap ordinary corrosion edition and expensive laser engraving edition.

Printing process NO.4, die-cutting

It means die cutting. The die-cutting process is a forming process in which a special die-cutting knife is made according to the design requirements of the printed matter, and then the printed matter or other substrates are rolled into the required shape or cut under the action of pressure.

Printing process No.5, Jin Cong

It is to pass a layer of glue on the paper, and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.

Printing process NO.6, YO

It is an object like a spring, mostly plastic, which is generally used on the spine of wall calendars and notebooks, and used for page turning.

Printing process NO.7, lamination

Lay a layer of transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal lamination, glossy lamination and matte lamination.

Printing process NO.8, pinhole

Also called needle thread and dental floss, it is to press a semi-connected line into the paper, which usually appears at the opening of the package.

Printing process NO.9, punching

It is to make a hole for a piece of paper or N pieces of paper according to the required size, and there is a special punching machine.

Printing process NO.10, flocking

It is to apply a layer of glue to the paper, and then paste a layer of material similar to fluff to make the paper look and feel a little fluffy.


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