The Difference Between Pantone Spot Color and Pantone Ink Printing, Pantone C/U Chromatogram Coated/Uncoated

When we print paper boxes, paper bags, tissue paper,etc., if the design standard color requirements are relatively high, the designer will mark a Pantone color value and print in the standard Pantone color. So, what is Pantone color?

American Pantone company is a famous ink brand in the United States, which has formulated the world’s leading color standard: Pantone color matching system. Pantone color matching system has become the color standard in many fields such as printing, packaging, painting, computer, clothing, home furnishing, decoration, industry and so on.

Different colors will be different due to differences in lighting, materials, and machines, and Pantone Chromatography has become the color standard for all parties to contact because of the global use. For example, the designer, the customer and the manufacturer, as long as the designation of a color value, can reduce the cost of color communication as much as possible.

1. Pantone chromatography:

As a designer, if you need to use Pantone color when designing and printing, the most important thing is to have a Pantone color spectrum.

There will be a Pantone color library on the design software, but we know that different non-professional monitors display different colors, so to know the true color of your determined color value after printing, you need to check the corresponding Pantone color spectrum.

Pantone chromatography

2. The difference between Pantone C/U color card

For printing design, there are two commonly used chromatograms, C and U (Coated and Uncoated).

When we look at the Pantone color value, we will see that there will be a C or U at the end, as shown in the picture above, the color will be Pantone 2447 U, Pantone 3554 U and so on.

What we use daily are C and U. C stands for coated paper with a glossy and smooth surface, and the color spectrum is printed on glossy 148 grams of coated paper; U stands for uncoated paper with a matte and non-smooth surface. Uncoated, the color spectrum is printed on 118 grams of offset paper.

Pantone C color chart

Pantone U color chart

3. Summary:
1). Different materials of paper, such as commonly used coated coated paper and non-coated offset paper, have different colors for the same ink printed products, please check different Pantone C/U color cards;

2). Pantone spot color inks are more expensive than conventional inks. When designing and using Pantone spot colors, it is necessary to consider the increase of printed products. To get more information…

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