The Principle and Process of Embossing

What is the embossing printing process? The embossing process is also called bump, embossing, embossing and so on.

The embossing process is the same as the bronzing process, and it is also a very common process in the post-printing process, which can emphasize the performance of the local design. We should also see a lot, paper bags, hang tags, paper boxes and so on.

1. Preparation of embossing process

1.1. Relief: Engrave the graphic and text of the design draft onto the metal plate, and the graphic content of a positive plate is protruding, and the graphic content of the negative plate is concave; (the relief is generally copper or zinc plate, and the intaglio is generally metal. Version or resin version)

1.2. Material: The material that needs to be punched out, generally paper or other materials.

2. Embossing process and stamping

Let’s talk about the production process of the embossing process in detail:

Figure 1. Engrave the graphic content of the design draft onto two copper plates respectively, with one projecting and one recessing to form a set of relief plates. Accurately fix the concave and convex plates on the upper and lower parts of the machine; the paper rotates in the middle of the relief plate;

Figure 1

  Figure 2. Confirm the position of the paper, use the heavy pressure of the machine to press the two copper plates together;

Figure 2

  Figure 3, when the concave and convex copper plates are fully attached, the paper (red part) in the middle is pressed by the machine, forming a convex and concave effect on the other.

Figure 3

Figure 4, the machine separates the top plate;

Figure 4

  Figure 5, paper forming;

Figure 5

3. Summary

1. If it is colorless, the stamp is the same as the stamp, but the content of the stamp can be customized by the moderator.

2. Different papers have different fiber lengths, and there are some differences in the depth of punching;

3. The embossing process can be colorless embossing (plain embossing), embossing after bronzing (three-dimensional embossing), or graphic embossing after printing, etc. FOR MORE…

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