New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

New York Fashion Week Spring 2018New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 begins Thursday, September 7 and runs until Wednesday, September 13. The Council of Fashion Designers of America has shortened NYFW by one day, eliminating the second Thursday in the lineup. This will allow editors, bloggers and buyers a gap day between the New York and London shows. It’ll also help obscure the fact that, as someone put it, “New York has lost a good-size chunk of its new guard.”

Last season, two of New York’s “best regarded, most influential labels” — Proenza Schouler and Rodarte — swapped the Big Apple for the City of Lights. Others headed for sunny California. Ahead of the Spring 2018 season, more NYFW regulars have announced their imminent departure.

While the New York Fashion Week schedule changes have caused some concern over the current state of the American fashion industry, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb maintains there’s no cause for alarm (or tittering). “You have four brands that have decided to show in Paris for different reasons. At different times, and each one of them made that decision not because there was a problem with NYFW. Or something was wrong with NYFW, but there was an opportunity for them in Paris,” he told Fashionista.

“I think the holes — or the vacancies that are created by designers showing elsewhere — only open up opportunities for a new generation of talent to be nurtured and grown and supported,” Kolb continued. We can’t fault his optimism. And, to be fair, NYFW Spring 2018 will see the return of two seriously buzzy designers.

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