How to identify real leather&artificial leather? Real leather uses some chemical treatments to peel off animal skins. Artificial leather (mainly PU, PVC) – chemically treated synthetic fabrics make. Because it is hard to find natural raw materials, real leather is expensive. Bcause easy to get the PU and PVC material, artificial leather is known as low price.

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Considering of similar chemical treatments and surface effect, it is difficult  to identify. But there are many different inherent physical characters. Compared with the physical strength and breathability, flexibility, as well as resistance to aging and hand feel, real leather and artificial leather still have some difference, but getting smaller.

In some industries cares much about the quality, such as footwear making, garments making. Real leather have more advantage than artificial leather.But artificial leather has a relatively wider market in other industries, such as leather products making, handbags, furniture, sofa, garment accessories.

identify real leather&artificial leather-leather patchesThey are widely use in garments accessories, stitch or iron on garments, jeans, jacket, bags, shoes, furnitures, hat. We also call them leather pathes, leather labels, real leather patches, real leather labels, PU leather patches, PU patches, embossed leather patches, debossed leather patches, custom leather patches.

There are many options, when it comes to the imprinting process on leather, suede. Here are a few to give your customers an idea of the possibilities: screen printing, foil stamping, hot stamping, embossed, debossed, color-fill, stitching and embroidery, a metal plate or metal typography on leather.

Leather Patches is a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used, unique. Splited to any weight, easy to sew, glue, adhere on your product. It is great durability, long lasting, strong, supple. High end brands to convey a message of quality, prestige offer use leather patches.How to identify real leather and artificial leather?

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