Woven labels can be used to display your custom brand name, logo, size, care, and content information. There are in up-to 8 different “high definition” denier thread colors (including gold and silver). Woven labels are colorfast, machine washable, finished soft, no-fray and laser-cut edges.

    • Good quality
    • Fast delivery time
    • Large mass production
    • Professional staff

woven labels woven labels

Woven label production line:

We have experience in producing woven labels. Our staff are experts at giving comprehensive advice on your requirements, taking your design and specifications and turning them into a high quality product suitable.


New machine for woven label cutting – laser cut

Please have a look the video

If you already have an idea of design for your label, please contact us. We offer competitive prices, quality and fast delivery.
The minimum order for woven labels is 500 pieces and the normal lead time is 6-14 Working Days.
Already have a quote? We’ll always do our best to match your design and requirement.

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