Real leather is made by using some chemical treatments after animal skins were peeled off, and artificial leather (mainly PU,PVC) is made of chemically treated synthetic fabrics.The difference between these two is the raw materials, but consider of similar chemical treatments, causing the surface effect are very close and hard to distinguish,but there are many difference of inherent physical characters.Compared with the physical strength and breathability , flexibility , as well as resistance to aging and hand feel of real leather, artificial leather still some difference ( but the difference is getting smaller ) . Because of its` natural, inherent physical characters and raw materials hard to get, real leather is expensive, and artificial leather is known as low price& the varies effects of surface and some special characters of different aspects. In some industries cares much of intrinsic characters, such as footwear making, garments making, real leather have more advantage than artificial leather. But in other industries of less demanding of the intrinsic characters, such as leather products making, handbags making, furniture making, sofa making and etc , artificial leather have a relatively wider market, I am totally annoying the way using the artificial leather to do shoes but then on the tag marked real leather. 1st, to wear these kinds of shoes are uncomfortable, and not breathable, secondly material quality is not good, easy to broken. My suggestion is when u buy shoes, the best it to buy real leather shoes, because these are comfortable to wear, as other leather products and sofa, you can buy as your wish.

Currently there are lots of shoes on the market, in order to reduce costs, makers usually use parts of real leather combined with parts of the artificial leather to do shoes, or to use the 2nd layer coating(on the 2nd layer of real leather use PU to do to do one layer of shell fabric, if so the permeability will become more bad) to replace the real leather, if these leather not used on the main parts, that would be OK. If shoes are completely real leather, because of its natural character , use the better parts (without any damage or defects)to do the important part of shoes and in some less important parts ( such as the tongue and other parts of unstressed ) , will use not so good parts of real leather to do, this is a common sense. Also there have another good way to tell the difference of real leather products from artificial leather products, after all, you can not cut shoes and then to identify .According to current markets price, in most shoe stores inside main cities, if price more than 150 Yuan, you can buy one pair of real leather shoes .if price less than this amount and shoes are not buy in regular stores, we must be careful, especially shoes selling by traders of outdoor bargains. If you are not so professional (even professional guys also need to be careful, out factory do have a real leather shoes maker of decades experience been cheated). you have no lucky to win the big lottery, when someone comes to u with very cheap price but tell u it is real leather, that would 99% surely cheat you.

Normally in one regular shoe store , if you pay 150 yuan can buy a pair of corrected upper leather shoes (surface milled , with heavy leather finishing , poor breath- ability ) , prices between 150 yuan and 300 yuan can buy a pair of full- grain shoes , if u pay more than 300 yuan ,you can buy a pair of relatively high-grade general calfskin used real leather shoes , of course, if you still want high point , you can buy a pair of imported real leather shoes. Shoes that are made with leather in the middle and bottom parts, it is absorbent, breathable and durable, also price need to be more than 1000 yuan.

In leather industry, artificial leathers are mainly used to do :

1.Women’s dress shoes. almost all bad pieces are made of artificial leather, only for some good pieces, makers will use some real leather shoes inside as lining

2.sports shoes (sneakers) ,poor quality shoes almost use PU. PVC synthetic leather to do , some good quality pieces are made use 2nd layer real leather filming , that would surely no first layer of animal skin to do this kind of shoes

3.leather products and handbags, mainly use 2nd layer film real leather and artificial leather mixed

4.belts, usually made with 2nd layer film, artificial leather made belts are easy to broken and quality not so good

We need to emphasize again and again, if you want to buy real leather goods, you need to go to a regular store to buy,.With a reasonable price, you can buy things safe and reliable.

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