Clothing labels dyeing&printing

Clothing labels dyeing&printingClothing labels dyeing&printing is a process using dyestuff on fabric to causing some changes. Textile products cause some effects, make textile products become colored. Dyeing products are not only requires uniform color, must have good color fastness. In order to meet the environmental requirements, the project must to be eco friendly and clean.

Currently, the textile products become more fine finishing, further processing, high-grade, diversification, fashionable, decorative and functional. Dyeing process should be small amount, multi-species, automation, and efficient. And consider clean production as the major premise to be energy saving, water conservation, labor saving.

Clothing labels dyeing&printingPrinting logo or patterns for clothing labels is a process to use printing paste transfer function to dye or paint flower patterns on the fabric. Thickener makes printing paste be thicker, adhesive and fix. Printing process is the same as dyeing. It is except that printings are multicolor patterns, also printing on fibers, and has a certain degree of fastness.

According to the equipment, printing methods are divided into screen printing, roller printing, transfer printing, electrostatic printing, etc. With the development of science and technology, the printing equipment and processes develop rapidly, printing products innovation changed quickly.

Since the 20th century, many kinds of printings come out, such as foam printing, gold and silver powder printing, and other new technologies. Printing products become more charming and more colorful. The develop trends of printing products is to pay more attention to ecological environment, improve efficiency, improve the reproducibility of calico, develop digital ink jet printing. And other advanced technologies.

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